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My latest book The Inner Scorecard teaches you an inside-outside approach to self-improvement that is both fun and effective. Scroll down for all personal growth books written by me.

The Inner Scorecard

When you try to beat other people, you set yourself up to fail. But going against yourself — trying to improve yourself — now that’s a competition you have control over. It’s one you can win.

AWSOME Adventures

Two strangers became best friends against all odds. From Stockholm suburbia to Chicago, Barcelona, Melbourne and beyond, The AWSOME Adventures of Olle and Lou tells the coming-of-age story of a 20-year-long friendship.

Listening to Sophie

Sophie, a young girl, is about to discover the true meaning of life as she stumbles upon a homeless man. Together they set off on a magical journey, exploring the power of human goodness. At the same time, Sophie must deal with an absent mother and brother, a distracted father and the fear of losing her best friend.

Olle Lindholm got the idea for this book as his mother got sick with Polycythemia vera. His mission was to raise awareness of the illness and encourage people to donate blood.

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Books are a great way to learn and grow, but sometimes you need help to apply the skills to your own situation.

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