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Choose your own adventure

Here we want to celebrate life in all its glory.

It’s more fun and rewarding that way.

I want you to choose your adventure. Who are you travelling with? What’s the challenge? What’s your mission? 

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If you’re ready to walk down your path, then welcome aboard.

Take the Road Less Travelled By

As the American poet Robert Frost aptly points out:

Two roads diverged in a wood, and I —
I took the one less traveled by,
And that has made all the difference. 

The Road Not Taken (1916)

This part of the poem rings true for me. Does it ring true for you?

Ready to walk down your path?

To start, you may want to check out this free personal growth guide or buy my latest book, The Inner Scorecard.

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In the coming months, I will add useful guides and articles to this site, which will help you make the most out of life. I will encourage you to take the road “less travelled by” because that’s what I’ve done and it has been rewarding for me.

Of course, you will want to start small. One baby step at a time.

How do you celebrate life now? What’s stopping you from doing the things you love? Please let us know in the comments below.

Let our journey begin!

To travel is to live.

The Inner Scoecard

After ten years of writing this blog (this blog post was originially published September 24, 2011), I have now written my first ebook that helps you compete against yourself and unlock your full potential.

6 responses to “Choose your own adventure”

  1. Hannah Avatar

    Hello Olle 🙂 This seems like a wonderful idea!

    1. Olle Lindholm Avatar

      Hi Hannah 🙂 Thanks for your comment! I certainly hope to build more on this idea, because I believe it is worth spreading. Your input and feedback are welcome. How do you prepare your party?

      1. Hannah Avatar

        That’s a good question! Well, if I prepare and take baby steps like you said, I guess preparation involves… making time. Just in general! Making time for everything that deserves much more of my time. When I think about it, I would like to read and write a lot more, like I used to, but there are lots of other things too. I would just like to make time to do all the things I love, like you mentioned above. What’s stopping me, I’m not sure… I think it’s always a certain type of fear that stops people from doing things isn’t it? I think before this year in particular I avoided a lot of things because I was shy, introverted even, and also maybe even because of laziness! I stuck with a lot of my New Year’s resolutions this year though, I’m happy to report! And even though I still have to read ‘7 Habits of Highly Effective People’, I think even before you mentioned it to me I was perhaps already working towards living my life more in the way I truly wanted. So now I celebrate my life much more than sadder recent years. I embrace life, and endeavour to meet new people and do all those things I’ve always wanted to – volunteering for causes and organisations I care about, and joining groups and socities involved in activities I’m interested in. And so naturally I’ve made more friends – and the cycle continues upwards! 😀 Oh this is very long now!

        1. Olle Lindholm Avatar

          Hannah! Thank you so much for your thoughtful comment! Keep at it – one baby step at a time! 🙂

  2. Dee Avatar

    Love love the idea! Keep it coming <3
    And you know people looooove to party. THis will never get old. <3

    1. Olle Lindholm Avatar

      Thanks Dee! Life sure is like a party, a roller-coaster ride for sure! Good luck with your website and let me know how I can help – nothing gives me more pleasure than helping others. Be your own party! <3

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