Take the Road Less Travelled

  • Why you must protect your self-esteem

    Let’s put the cards on the table: There are evil trolls out there. Especially on the internet. And they say a lot of stupid, hurtful things. Does that mean you have to listen? Not really. Choose which feedback is important to you. Whose opinion do you value, and why? Listen to those people and learn to…

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  • How to beat procrastination

    Procrastination is often disguised as fear. Fear of success. Fear of failure. Fear of looking dumb. Perfectionism is a subtle form of procrastination. It’s our mind telling us we’re not ready. (Hint: We never will be.) In today’s post, I share an episode on how to beat procrastination from Take the Road Less Travelled course. It’s…

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  • Perfectionism is boring

    You know what stops most people from growth? Perfectionism. The illusive idea it’s not good enough. Or even worse, you’re not good enough. That’s a recipe for disaster. And it keeps many people (myself included) from trying out new things. Amazing things start to happen when you learn to move past your own perfectionist tendencies.…

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